Mercer Transportation


Referral Program Reminder

We know that many of our owner operators out there have friends in the business who haven’t yet made the switch to Mercer. We also know that first-hand experience from someone you trust can be the best recruiting tool there is. That is the reason we offer a Driver Referral Bonus that can earn you up to $1200!

 The payout for the reward has changed slightly starting at the beginning of this year as we are trying to encourage longevity and encouraging you to recruit guys that you think will be a good fit and stay. Here is how it works now: You refer a contractor that we lease, after they deliver their first load, we’ll reward you with $300. When that contractor hits their 6 month mark with Mercer, you’ll be rewarded with an additional $400, and when they complete 12 months with Mercer you’ll earn a final reward of $500. This is per contractor that you refer to us that leases a truck to Mercer. 

 Thanks for spreading the good word of working with Mercer. Have a great new year, thank you for all of your hard work, and please be safe out there on the road.

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