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Meet Todd W. Felty, Associate Safety Director

By Len Dunman

In mid-2018 it became increasingly apparent that additional management staff was needed in the safety department. While the safety director, the assistant safety director as well as the other safety managers and section leads were busy with clearly defined safety duties and responsibilities, someone was needed to handle the actual safety department hourly employee management. Timesheets must be reviewed and approved, vacations must be scheduled, performance reviews must be conducted, employee training must be planned and implemented, and on occasion, employees must be disciplined.

Fortunately for Mercer, a 21-year veteran of the Louisville Metro Police Department had just retired and was ready to embark on the next chapter of his professional career. Todd W. Felty applied to Mercer for a management position.

Todd grew up in Louisville and had always envisioned himself as a teacher. After graduating from Christian Academy of Louisville, he attended Eastern Kentucky University, graduating with Bachelor of Arts in History. He continued his education at the University of Louisville, earning a Master of Arts degree in Teaching. Todd spent four years teaching both special education and high school students. However, he felt a higher calling to serve and in 1997 applied to, and was accepted by, the Louisville Division of Police (now the Louisville Metro Police Department).

Todd excelled as a police officer and was rapidly promoted. He served as a patrol officer in the 1st, 3rd, and 4th police divisions. He was promoted to detective and served in both the White-Collar Crime Squad and the Sex Crimes Squad. A subsequent promotion to sergeant placed him in charge of the 1st platoon of the 3rd division, the Flex Team of the 4th division and the Sex Crimes Squad. A promotion to lieutenant included assignments as sector 2 commander of the 1st division, commander of the Special Victims and Financial Crimes Unit, commander of the Violent Crime Reduction Task Force and the operations manager in the office of the chief of police. A promotion to major gave him command of the 8th police division. Todd served the citizens of Louisville with honor and distinction.

On a personal note, Todd and his wife, Laurie, live in Jeffersontown. They have two sons, Nick who is in college and Jack who is in high school. Todd and Laurie love doing landscaping; their back yard is an absolute oasis, worthy of being featured in any landscape publication.

The GMG and I were impressed with Todd’s education, experience, and accomplishments, but more importantly, his personality. He respects and relates to everyone he deals with. On September 10, 2018 Todd was hired as the safety department administrative manager. He tackled the job with his characteristic determination and enthusiasm, streamlining functions and reviewing all processes in every area of the safety department. He removed a tremendous load from me. I appreciated it.

After an unanticipated opening for the assistant safety director position became available in October, 2019, it was literally a no-brainer to offer it to Todd. On January 2, 2020 Todd became the assistant safety director, and in June of 2020 he was promoted to Associate Safety Director. Branden Harper, well-experienced from time in both truck operations and freight operations was promoted to the safety administrative manager position. I anticipate, in the next few years, that Todd will succeed me as safety director and Branden will progress to the assistant safety director role. Recently, Todd was elected by the Kentucky Trucking Association to serve on their board of directors, replacing our twenty-year board member, Tim Pike. Todd will be an excellent representative for Mercer, protecting our interests in Kentucky and beyond. In 1972 I drove my first tractor-trailer. In 1982 I started at Mercer. It’s unbelievably difficult to teach all of that to someone in two or three years. Fortunately, Todd is a quick study and takes good notes……and has an excellent sense of humor.  More importantly, we are good friends and the process, if not the job, is enjoyable. I am confident that, when the time comes, Todd will be ready.

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