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Mercer Goes to Houston for the Texas Trucking Show

We have some exciting news to share! Three of our amazing Mercer family are headed to Houston, TX this weekend (June 24-25) for the Texas Trucking Show. They will be representing Mercer Transportation and showcasing our latest procedures and innovations. This is a great opportunity for them and for us to expand our market and network with other professionals in the industry.

Please join me in wishing them safe travels and a successful trip. They have worked hard to prepare for this excursion, and they deserve our support and appreciation. We want to show them how proud we are of them and how much we value their contributions to our team.

You can send them your best wishes by emailing them directly or by sending an Awesome Card that has a short, personal message. I’m sure they will appreciate hearing from you and knowing that you are cheering for them.

Thank you for your cooperation and enthusiasm. Together, we can make this a memorable and rewarding experience for our contactors, colleagues and our company.

If you’re interested in following them on their new excursion, be sure to Join our Facebook group, Mercertown Lounge, for updates!!!

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