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“I Heart Trucking!” Mercer’s Photo Shoot for the Annual Women In Trucking Photo Contest

Although women are still in the minority in transportation and logistics, everyone at every level can see that these numbers are rising. A key pillar of Women In Trucking’s mission is to encourage more women to pursue a career in trucking, and research shows that showcasing real women on the job or in the industry helps attract this demographic. So they created the annual “I ❤️ Trucking” photo contest as a fun and positive way to enhance the image of trucking, spotlight the trailblazing women and their passion for the industry, and celebrate diversity and inclusion efforts. 

We at Mercer wanted to show our support for the cause while also highlighting some of our amazing women in the industry. We have an incredible, diverse group of women from all walks of life who come together every day and help make Mercer run effectively and efficiently. These ladies united to represent the evolution and growth of the transportation industry in a photo we hope will get the chance to compete for 1st place.

We’d like to recognize all the women who participated in our hot, sunny, outdoor photoshoot where they sat on a steel trailer to make this vision come together! To say it was hot would be an understatement, but the attitude of these ladies never wavered. They were all amazing models and the photos turned out great! Take a look at some of our photo shoot. It was as fun and empowering as it appears!

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