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Survey: Truckers Say They Travel With Their Pets For ‘Emotional Support’

Truckers News Staff (TN)

Jun 20, 2023

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A recent survey found that plenty of truckers travel with their pets for emotional support.

In recognition of National Take Your Pet to Work Week, Truckstop commissioned a survey of 500 U.S.-based owner-operators and found that half of the respondents travel with their pets for emotional support.

As many drivers are spending more time on the road away from home, these emotional support passengers provide comfort and help to reduce loneliness. Forty-six percent of those surveyed would consider a different occupation if they could not travel with their pet(s).

Truckstop asked some of their customers to share their personal stories about how they found their pet companion and the therapeutic benefits their pets provide:

Constance and Jim Ross’ giant Alaskan Malamute, Milo, became a military surrender after his owner was deployed overseas. Milo was transported from a rescue in Santa Barbara up to Oregon where Jim and Constance met him. He now rides with Jim.

“Milo’s previous owner was in tears when he had to bring him to the rescue,” said Constance..”It pulled at my heartstrings and now I know why – Milo is such a well-trained dog full of personality and he’s just happy all the time. We rely on local shipments and all the workers we work with remember Milo. He comes on short loops because the heat right now is horrible but rides hot shot in the front seat. He’s a great companion on the road.”

Mike Broaddus and his Goldendoodle, Lucy, have been on the road for almost nine and a half years. The first day Mike brought her on the truck, Lucy learned how to use the mirrors to watch him work on the flatbed.

“I find that having a dog with me is welcome company,” said Broaddus. “It gives us truck drivers someone to take care of and keep our minds out of our own heads. At night, Lucy lets me know if there may be anyone lurking around the truck, which is important. A dog is a deterrent for people that may have nefarious intentions.

“I believe all truck drivers should have a pet with them on the road. It’s one of the main reasons I’m an owner-operator; I call the shots so I can choose to have my dog with me while I drive.”

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