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Helping Women Truckers Find Safe Havens On the Road

The American Trucking Associations’ Women in Motion and Trucker Path have joined forces to make life on the road safer and more convenient for female truck drivers.

Trucker Path, the trucker’s trusty sidekick in routing and navigation, is stepping up its game. Thanks to this awesome partnership, they’re adding some fantastic features to their app, all aimed at helping women drivers locate safe and well-lit places to park. Safety first, right?

Here’s what they’ve got in store for you:

  1. Lighted parking: No more wandering around in the dark. Find parking areas with proper lighting.
  2. Lighted bathroom access: Because a well-lit restroom is a must for comfort and safety.
  3. Lighted lounge areas: A cozy, well-lit spot to take a break and recharge.
  4. Lighted shower facilities with 24/7 access: Freshen up anytime you need, day or night.
  5. Lighted laundry facilities with 24/7 access: Keep your clothes clean and fresh whenever it suits you.
  6. Round-the-clock maintenance: Help is always at hand in case your truck needs some TLC.
  7. Onsite security: Peace of mind knowing you’re in a safe environment.

These top-notch facilities will be marked with the Women in Motion logo in the Trucker Path app. Plus, drivers can provide updates on the condition of these amenities directly through the app.

Women in Motion is a program created by the American Trucking Associations to address the specific challenges women face in the industry.

Trucker Path is already a go-to app for nearly a million truckers in North America, helping them find truck stops, parking spots, weigh station status, and more. With this new partnership, women can quickly identify stops that cater to their needs, all while staying in the loop about parking availability, fuel prices, discounts, and more.

The cool thing is that these amenities weren’t just picked out of thin air. They’re based on input from women drivers, though Trucker Path’s CMO, Chris Oliver, pointed out that they benefit male drivers as well. After all, who doesn’t appreciate a well-lit and secure rest stop?

Brenda Neville, the president and CEO of the Iowa Motor Truck Association, also highlighted the importance of safety as the number one concern for women drivers. Well-lit locations with security top their list, and internet access comes in at a close second.

Trucker Path’s app has always been about helping truckers find parking, and they’ve used crowdsourcing to enhance life on the road for all truck drivers. With 20,000 geofenced parking locations, app users can provide valuable info on parking availability and amenities. It’s all about making your journey smoother and safer.

Chris Spear, ATA President and CEO, believes that this partnership between Women in Motion and Trucker Path will help address one of the long-standing concerns of women in trucking—safety. Identifying truck parking facilities with essential amenities is a significant step in making our industry safer for everyone.

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