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Spreading Warmth and Goodness: Mercer Transportation’s Annual Chili Cookoff/Bake Sale for a Cause

At Mercer Transportation, we believe in the power of community and giving back. This year’s annual chili cookoff and bake sale was a testament to our commitment to making a positive impact. Held with enthusiasm and camaraderie, this event brought together a diverse mix of our dedicated staff and owner-operators, all united by a common goal—to support The Ronald McDonald House Charities of Kentuckiana.

The aroma of simmering chili and the sweet scent of freshly baked goods filled the air as participants showcased their culinary prowess. From savory stews to mouthwatering desserts, the spread was a testament to the diverse talents within our Mercer family. As attendees indulged in the feast, they also opened their hearts and wallets to contribute to a cause close to our collective conscience.

Thanks to the generosity of our participants and the wider Mercer community, we are thrilled to announce that we successfully raised an admirable sum of $670.10 for The Ronald McDonald House Charities. This achievement goes beyond monetary value—it symbolizes the spirit of compassion and unity that defines Mercer Transportation.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to each and every participant who poured their time and energy into preparing the delicious treats that made our event a culinary success. Your creativity and dedication shone through in every bite, reminding us of the incredible talent within our Mercer family.

Equally, our gratitude extends to all the donators who contributed to our fundraising efforts. Your generosity has made a meaningful impact on the lives of those supported by The Ronald McDonald House Charities, providing comfort and care to families in need during challenging times.

As we reflect on this successful event, we are reminded of the strength that lies in our community. Mercer Transportation is more than just a company; it is a family bound by a shared commitment to making a difference. Thank you, participants and donators, for embodying the spirit of giving and for making our annual chili cookoff and bake sale a heartwarming success. Together, we continue to drive positive change and build a brighter future for those who need it most.

Congratulations to our winners Porcsha Hartway for her HOT recipe and Tonia Peagler for her MILD choice.

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