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Fontaine Unveils First ‘Smart’ Fifth Wheel

We’ve got some exciting news from Fontaine about their newest, smart fifth wheel technology. They’ve just unveiled their brand-new SmartConnect Fifth Wheel, and it’s like a fifth wheel with a brain! Juan Hernandez, Fontaine’s VP of Sales and Marketing, puts it this way: “It utilizes advanced sensors to monitor the fifth wheel lock position every time you couple or de-couple from a trailer. By collecting and processing this data, it can accurately anticipate maintenance needs before problems surface.”

Now, why is this a big deal? Well, it’s all about addressing issues before they turn into costly repairs and giving your fifth wheel a longer, healthier life. The SmartConnect system even comes with a cool indicator light that tells you if your fifth wheel is locked securely. Plus, there are LED flash codes that give drivers a heads-up that it’s time for fifth wheel service at the next maintenance interval. Shane Wolfe, Fontaine’s director of engineering, shared this nifty feature.

Installing an optional in-cab indicator light is a breeze thanks to hardwire connections. And here’s the kicker – you can expand the SmartConnect’s functionality with ease as more features roll out. This system is no slouch; it’s CAN bus capable right out of the box, using the high-level SAE J1939 communications protocol. When you integrate it with your truck OEM’s CAN and telematics, it seamlessly transmits lock status, hours of use, the number of couplings, and maintenance alerts to your fleet managers.

Paige Petroni, the company president, is super excited about this innovation. She said, “SmartConnect is the world’s first smart fifth wheel, and I’m incredibly proud of our engineering and management teams for their remarkable accomplishments. This innovation can significantly assist fleets in lowering maintenance costs while elevating operational efficiency.”

Fontaine’s SmartConnect fifth wheel is here to make your trucking life a whole lot smarter and more efficient. Stay tuned for more exciting updates right here at Mercer Transportation!

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