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Mercer Transportation Extends a Helping Hand at The Healing Place

At Mercer Transportation, giving back to the community is not just a commitment; it’s a tradition that resonates with the spirit of compassion and support. Nestled in the heart of our neighborhood, The Healing Place holds a special place in our hearts, and our recent visit was nothing short of heartwarming.

Located just a stone’s throw away from our headquarters, The Healing Place has been a cherished neighbor for years. Our employees are proud volunteers who roll up their sleeves every month to serve a nutritious lunch to the center’s clients. It’s more than a service; it’s a gesture of goodwill, a reminder that we are here, not just as a transportation company, but as a part of a thriving community.

Our relationship with The Healing Place runs deep. It’s not just about providing food, shelter, and clothing, but about fostering an environment of respect, trust, and opportunity for those on their journey to recovery. Our long-standing commitment aligns seamlessly with The Healing Place’s mission — to offer hope and change lives.

As we continue to lend a helping hand, we are reminded that change happens not only on the road but right here in our community. Mercer Transportation, in collaboration with The Healing Place, is more than just a transportation company; we are agents of positive change, making a difference one small gesture at a time.

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