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Empowering Owner Operators: Truckers Against Trafficking Unveils Enhanced App at CES

Yet another tool will soon be available for Owner Operators to continue their battle against human trafficking. In a groundbreaking move, Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) unveiled an updated app with advanced reporting capabilities at the CES electronics show in Las Vegas. As a dedicated partner and sponsor, Bridgestone America showcased the enhanced TAT app in its CES booth. TAT and Bridgestone also hosted a panel discussion on January 9, shedding light on human trafficking and the valuable resources provided by the organization.

Enhancements to the TAT App: Tailored Solutions for Owner Operators

The upgraded TAT app introduces tailored red flag content designed specifically for various people within the transportation industry. Whether you’re a school transportation professional, over-the-road Owner Operators, a rideshare driver, or involved in transit or in-home delivery, the app now provides customized content relevant to your role.

Moreover, the enhanced reporting capabilities include geo-location features, optimizing the display of call options, and incorporating local hotline numbers wherever available. This empowers Owner Operators to report potential human trafficking situations with precision and efficiency.

Key features of the updated app include:

  • Tailored red flag content for specific stakeholders.
  • Enhanced reporting with geo-location potential.
  • Display of call options, including local hotline numbers.
  • Total tracking of reported tips via the app.
  • Gathering data from users on potential trafficking situations.
  • A direct communication channel for app users.
  • Seamless Transition for Current Users

Seamless Transition for Current Users

For Owner Operators already using the TAT app, the transition to the new version is seamless. Automatic upgrades will be provided as long as users stay up-to-date with their app updates. This ensures that Owner Operators can continue to contribute actively to the fight against human trafficking.

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Truckers Against Trafficking, operating since 2009 as a nonprofit organization, collaborates with the transportation industry, law enforcement, and various public and private sector partners to combat human trafficking and close loopholes for traffickers.

As Owner Operators, you play a crucial role in this effort. Stay informed and empowered by following our YouTube channel and Facebook page. We regularly share updates, resources, and insights to keep you engaged in the fight against human trafficking and other industry topics on our blog, as well. Together, we can make a difference.

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