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Prioritizing Safety: Insights for Owner Operators in the Transportation Industry

In a recent release of the National Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries in 2022 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, alarming statistics shed light on the occupational hazards faced by transportation and material moving workers. As owner operators, it’s crucial to be aware of these findings to enhance safety measures and contribute to reducing incidents. Here’s what you need to know:

Transportation and Material Moving Workers Face Heightened Risks

Owner Operators are consistently at risk on the job.
Owner Operators are consistently at risk on the job.

In 2022, transportation and material moving workers witnessed the highest number of fatal incidents compared to other occupational groups. This category not only had the highest fatality rate but also experienced a significant increase in deaths, particularly among driver/sales workers and truck drivers, rising from 1,032 fatalities in 2021 to 1,115 in 2022.

Key Insights for Owner Operators: A Call for Vigilance

Owner operators, integral players in the transportation industry, should take note of the following key points:

Fatal Incidents and Rates: Transportation and material moving workers endured 1,620 fatal work injuries, with a staggering fatality rate of 14.6 per 100,000 full-time equivalent (FTE) workers. This underscores the need for heightened safety measures.

Frequency of Transportation Incidents: Transportation incidents, particularly those involving roadways, accounted for 37.7% of all occupational fatalities. This highlights the pressing need for enhanced safety protocols during travel.

Roadway Incidents: Roadway incidents, a significant contributor to transportation fatalities, increased by 9.3% in 2022. This emphasizes the importance of addressing specific challenges such as collisions and non-collision incidents on roadways.

Owner Operators have to be cautious as roadway accidents trend upward.
Owner Operators have to be cautious as roadway accidents trend upward.

Demographic Impact: The report highlighted that African American and Hispanic workers were disproportionately affected, with transportation incidents being the leading cause of fatalities. Workers in the 55- to 64-year-old age group faced the highest number of fatalities.

Despite consecutive increases in 2021 and 2022, transportation incidents were still lower than pre-pandemic levels in 2019, indicating a positive trend. However, continuous efforts are necessary to further improve safety standards.

Your Safety Matters

As owner operators, your safety is paramount. Stay informed about industry trends, implement rigorous safety measures, and contribute to the ongoing efforts to reduce incidents. For more safety insights and updates, follow our YouTube channel, Facebook page and blog. We are committed to providing valuable resources to ensure your well-being on the road. Drive safely and stay connected.

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