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“Chip & Dip Day: Dipping into Philanthropy with Mercer Transportation”

Mercer Transportation recently celebrated Chip & Dip Day in the most delicious way possible – with a fundraiser that had our taste buds tingling and our hearts soaring! Our incredible staff whipped up an array of mouthwatering dips, from classic queso to spicy salsa and everything in between, all in the spirit of giving back to our community. 🎉💙

But this wasn’t just any dip party – it was a chance for us to come together and support causes close to our hearts. With each savory bite, we raised funds for various organizations making a difference in our community, including The Center for Women and Families, The Ronald McDonald House, and the B.A.Y.A Center. These organizations work tirelessly to support and uplift individuals and families in need, and we’re honored to lend our support to their incredible missions. 🌟

From cheesy indulgence to creamy goodness, every dip served was a small gesture with a big impact. Together, we proved that even the simplest of pleasures can make a difference when we come together for a common cause. Thank you to everyone who contributed and supported our Chip & Dip Day fundraiser – your generosity truly makes a world of difference! 🙌🌎

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