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Top 8 Health Apps for Owner Operators: Keep Your Health on Track!

As an Owner Operator at Mercer Transportation, staying healthy is crucial not just for meeting FMCSA medical regulations but for your overall well-being. Keeping your mind sharp, your body active, and your mood uplifted are all part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. That’s why we’ve put together a whimsical list of the top 8 health apps for Owner Operators. These apps are designed to help you manage your health while on the road. Ready to get started? Let’s dive into these Owner Operator health tips!

1. Lumosity

Lumosity app helps track health updates for owner operators.

Train Your Brain, Have Some Fun! Lumosity transforms brain-training into fun games that improve memory and attention. Developed by scientists, this app offers personalized training programs to challenge and sharpen your mind. It’s like having a gym for your brain!

2. Sleep Cycle

Wake Up Refreshed! Ever wake up feeling groggy? Sleep Cycle can help. This app tracks your sleep patterns and wakes you up during your lightest sleep phase, ensuring you start the day feeling refreshed and alert. No more grumpy mornings!

3. PTSD Coach

Manage Stress on the Go! Specially designed for veterans and service members, PTSD Coach helps manage stress and anger. Simply input your level of distress and the app provides relaxation exercises, soothing music, or positive images to help you through tough moments.

4. Glooko

Take Charge of Your Diabetes! Glooko makes diabetes management easier by syncing with your glucose meter. Monitor your levels and share readings with your healthcare provider seamlessly. Stay on top of your health, even on the busiest days.

5. Stay Quit Coach

Kick the Habit for Good! Ready to quit smoking? Stay Quit Coach is your personal cheerleader, offering support and a tailored success plan to help you resist cravings and stay smoke-free. It’s like having a motivational coach in your pocket!

6. Calm

Find Your Inner Peace! Whether you have a minute or an hour, Calm helps you practice mindfulness with soothing music and guided meditations. Perfect for reducing stress and enhancing relaxation during your breaks. A must during inspections!

7. Fooducate

Make Smarter Food Choices! Confused by food labels? Fooducate lets you scan barcodes or search for foods to see their nutritional value. It even scores foods for healthiness, helping you make better dietary choices effortlessly.

8. Rolling Strong

Stay Healthy on the Road! Designed specifically for professional drivers, Rolling Strong offers access to health databases, clinic locations, health check stations, and coaching sessions. Plus, it features wellness newsletters, special events, and a built-in pedometer to keep you moving.

These apps are fantastic tools to help you maintain whole-body wellness. From brain training to better sleep, managing diabetes, or quitting smoking, these owner operator health tips cover it all. So, download these apps and make your health a top priority, even while you’re on the road.

Stay healthy and happy travels! 🚚🌟

For more tips and information on maintaining your health as an Owner Operator, be sure to check out our website and explore the resources we have available.

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