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Mercer Transportation was built on the dual principles of safety and service. Safety had to be our number one priority! Since the company was founded in 1977, we’ve remained true to those principles by operating one of the safest fleets in America and providing unparalleled quality service.

Over the course of nearly four decades, our commitment to service has made all the difference. With a fleet of more than 2,300 permanently leased trucks and over 11,000 qualified Preferred Carriers to help meet capacity demandsaboutright, we deliver more than 250,000 loads annually.

Named as one of the top five carriers for government traffic and one of the top carriers in the nation, Mercer Transportation values every customer and works diligently through a network of 90 strategically located Independent Agents to deliver across all points in North America.

Regardless if it is just one load or several, each shipment is valued and delivered safely to its destination. When you ship, we want to be your carrier of choice. We not only have the fleet and technology to get your load securely to its destination, we have the customer service and support you deserve and should expect from a transportation company.

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