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Setting The Standard For Safety

With one of the lowest claims and accident rates in the industry, no one transports your freight better than Mercer Transportation!

Working with us, you’ll find the diligence and care that goes into our business practices second to none. From the transport of commodities to overall Independent Contractor and fleet performance, we are proud to set the standard.

We ensure our Independent Contractors meet all FMSCA qualifications and we perform strict equipment inspections to maintain the highest level of safety performance. Enforcing adherence to hours of service regulations also helps us safeguard from fatigued driving.

As an EPA SmartWay Transport Partner, we also enforce strict compliance with speed limits which enables us to help protect the enviroment and promote conscientiousness.

When it comes to safety, we make no compromises. Your business deserves the best in load management. With a proven track record, no one offers a better shipping value to go along with a consistent safe delivery guarantee.

We are a partner that has the distinctions you need!