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A History of serving the industry

From the beginning, Mercer Brokerage has been operating with the objective to offer a wide variety of freight from our diverse customer base to our now more than 30,000 approved carriers.  Through this idea, coupled with our standard of providing exceptional customer service, we have earned the trust of drivers, carriers, agents, customers, and employees alike. With decades of experience as a freight broker, we understand the unique needs of carriers and drivers. Our 30,000+ approved carriers get premium loads, fuel and tire discounts, and fast payment; some of the best perks in the business!

Carrier Requirements -

  • Active authority
  • Safety rating in good standing
  • $1 million minimum auto liability coverage


  • EFS fuel discount card
  • Michelin tire discount
  • Same day pay / quick pay option
  • Personal coordinator to help you

Transportation Intermediaries Association Partnership

Mercer Brokerage is a proud member of TIA and has TIA Certified Transportation Brokers among our ranks. This is the highest broker certification that exists in the industry and is the most widely recognized designation amongst logistics companies.

What Our Clients Say

Finally! A company that pays me within a few hours of delivering. Just turn in your paperwork and these folks get it done.

Raymond H - Baltimore MD

When I had my own authority they were fair and paid fast on brokerage loads I did for them

Blaire A - NJ

They have good freight to offer without the big cuts off the top of the truck pay like some of the big 3PL's

Roger S - Norfolk VA

Become a Qualified Carrier.

Mercer shares the perks of being a large carrier with our Qualified Carriers. With great deals available on tires and fuel through our bulk discounts and perks such as same day pay, there’s no reason to hesitate. Get approved and start moving your business forward with Mercer today!

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Freight Brokerage FAQ

Mercer Transportation is not just a freight broker, we are also a carrier so we understand that as an independent carrier you have questions and concerns. While we always invite you to call us with any of these concerns, below are a few of our most commonly asked questions.

  • What are the requirements to sign up as a new carrier?

    Your authority must be active; safety rating is in good standing and have a minimum of $ 1 million in automobile liability coverage.

  • When a load is completed, how do I get paid?

    The fastest way to get paid is to use the quick pay option.  For quick pay, you must Transflo your paperwork in before 1:30 EST to get paid same day.

  • Are there any additional fees for Quick Pay?

    Mercer does not charge any additional fees or percentages. Transflo does charge an initial .50 cents and then .19 per page.

  • Besides Transflo, where else can I submit paperwork?

    You can email or mail paperwork in. The email is

    Physical address is 1128 West Main St. Louisville, KY 40203.

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