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Blossoming Lunch Breaks at Mercer Transportation: A Garden Grows

At Mercer Transportation, our lunch breaks have turned into delightful gardening sessions, bringing joy and a splash of color to our workdays. What began in 2017 with a few used toolboxes filled with dirt has blossomed into a beautiful tradition, thanks to the vision of our Facilities Manager, Tom Pifer.

It all started when Tom, with a spark of creativity, transformed old toolboxes into flowerbeds and placed them around Building 1. His idea took root, and soon, the garden initiative began to bloom. Heather Watson and Jessica Corum were the first to jump on board, selecting an array of vibrant plants to brighten our campus.

Since then, our gardening project has grown, quite literally! Andrew Pendragon has been the devoted caretaker of the herd and flower garden behind the main building, tending to them with care and dedication since 2017. Heather Watson has consistently maintained the gardens around the rest of the campus, ensuring that each plant thrives in its new home.

As the seasons have passed, more garden boxes have been added throughout our campus, each one a testament to the hard work and passion of our staff. These little green oases are lovingly maintained by our team members whenever the weather allows.

Walking around our campus now feels like stepping into a botanical wonderland. From the cheerful marigolds to the elegant lilies, every flower tells a story of teamwork and a shared love for nature. Our garden initiative has brought us closer together, offering a refreshing and whimsical break from our usual routines.

The best part? Anyone can join in the fun! During lunch breaks, you’ll often find colleagues grabbing a trowel and planting new flowers or simply enjoying the beauty of our blooming campus. It’s a wonderful reminder that even in the busiest of workplaces, there’s always time to stop and smell the roses—or in our case, the petunias and pansies.

At Mercer Transportation, we believe that nurturing our community and environment goes hand in hand. Our garden initiative is a perfect example of how a little creativity and teamwork can transform our surroundings and bring joy to our daily lives.

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